Honeymoon Special

Learning does not stop in the classroom, Travelling in the younger sort is a part of education, in the older, a part of experience. Travelling is a better teacher than books. It helps to develop team work, leadership skills, test time management, decision making and build trust and confidence. Our educational tour packages focus on the local culture, historical background and geographical knowledge with an understanding of flora & fauna of that area in India as well as in abroad. We offer wide range of Activities such as camel and Jeep safaris, river crossing and tent pitching for the adventurous, races and relays, river rafting, jungle trekking, river jumping, river crossing, rappelling and many more. Students learn survival techniques (which helps them to get placements in different organizations as Discovery channel else make them a good learner and creates a friendly environment to adjust with wild life and make them realized about their surroundings). Apart from these skills we organize the special Eco Trips, where the students get the face to face interactions with Natural scientist, Wildlife Specialist, Ecology Specialist, Scholars and Professors. The aims of these trips are to make students well aware of the eco system and know the value of wildlife.